Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Angry Since 1967 to be Angry Since 1968? Ten things you MUST know

1. As usual with these things I'll start with a leading headline to make you click. A headline that I won't even attempt to address in the body of the article. 

2. I'm already padding out the ten things you MUST know. Recently a car website trailed a story as 10 performance cars for less than £5000 and then proceeded to list 10 cars that started at £7000

3. Is it now time for a question that won't be answered? 

4. I'll now post something transparently obvious about the site. It's called Angry Since 1967.

5. Is it time for another question?

6. I'll mention the problems with the current iteration, problems that only became apparent the second a rumoured update was mentioned, but are now so blindingly irritating that it renders the current version unusable. 

7. Something vague - it might rain

8. Another question? 

9. An exhortation to check back to this site for further updates - sorry "exclusive reveals" 

10. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. 

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